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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database Reference
Release 11.2.1

Part Number E13069-03
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This procedure enables monitoring to determine the amount of time spent in each component of the workflow of an AWT cache group. To display the monitoring results, use the ttRepAdmin utility with the -awtmoninfo and -showstatus commands.

If the replication agent is restarted, monitoring is turned off.

Setting the monitoring state to OFF resets the internal counters of the monitoring tool.

Required privilege

This procedure requires the CACHE_MANAGER privilege.


ttCacheAWTMonitorConfig ('state', samplingFrequency)


ttCacheAWTMonitorConfig has the parameters:

Parameter Type Description
state TT_CHAR(10) Enables and disables AWT monitoring. Its value can be ON or OFF. Default is OFF
samplingFactor TT_INTEGER Positive integer that specifies the frequency with which the AWT workflow is sampled. If samplingFactor is set to 1, every AWT operation is monitored. Greater values indicate less frequent sampling. The value recommended for accuracy and performance is 16. If state is set to ON, the default for samplingFactor is 16. If state is set to OFF, the default for samplingFactor is 0.

Result set

ttCacheAWTMonitorConfig returns the following result if you do not specify any parameters. It returns an error if the replication agent is not running or if an AWT cache group has not been created.

Column Type Description
State TTVARCHAR (10) NOT NULL Current state of AWT monitoring. The value can be ON or OFF.
AWTSamplingFactor TT_INTEGER NOT NULL Positive integer that specifies the frequency with which the AWT workflow is sampled.


Example 2-1

Retrieve the current state and sampling factor when monitoring is disabled.

Command> CALL ttCacheAwtMonitorConfig;< OFF, 0 >1 row found.

Example 2-2

Enable monitoring and set the sampling frequency to 16.

Command> CALL ttCacheAwtMonitorConfig ('ON', 16);< ON, 16 >1 row found.

Example 2-3

Disable monitoring.

Command> CALL ttCacheAwtMonitorConfig; ('OFF')< OFF, 0 >1 row found.

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