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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database Reference
Release 11.2.1

Part Number E13069-03
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Enables or disables tracking of DDL statements issued on cached Oracle tables. By default, DDL statements are not tracked.

DDL tracking saves the change history for all the cached Oracle tables. The SQL statement and when it was executed are written to a table in the cache administration user schema on Oracle. One DDL tracking table is created to store DDL statements issued on any cached Oracle table. This information can be used to diagnose autorefresh problems.

See "Tracking DDL statements issued on cached Oracle tables" in Oracle In-Memory Database Cache User's Guide.

Required privilege

This procedure requires the CACHE_MANAGER privilege.




ttCacheDDLTrackingConfig has the parameter:

Parameter Type Description
trackingStatus TT_VARCHAR(10) Specifies whether DDL statements issued on cached Oracle tables are tracked. Valid values are:
  • enable - Enables tracking

  • disable - Disables tracking (default)

Result set

ttCacheDDLTrackingConfig returns no results.


Command> CALL ttCacheDDLTrackingConfig('enable');