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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database Reference
Release 11.2.1

Part Number E13069-03
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Performs a non-blocking checkpoint. The blocking checkpoints are described in "ttCkptBlocking". A checkpoint operation is used to make a record of the current state of the data store on disk and to purge transaction log files. A non-blocking checkpoint does not require any locks on the data store.

Applications should checkpoint data stores periodically either by setting the background checkpointing attributes (CkptFrequency and CkptLogVolume) or by explicitly calling this procedure.

By default, TimesTen performs background checkpoints at regular intervals.

In the case that your application attempts to perform a checkpoint operation while a backup is in process, the backup waits until the checkpoint finishes. Regardless of whether the checkpoint is a background checkpoint or an application-requested checkpoint, the behavior is:

To turn off background checkpointing, set CkptFrequency=0 and CkptLogVolume=0.

This procedure can be called asynchronously to any other application running on the data store.

When a data store crashes, and the checkpoints on disk are non-blocking checkpoints, TimesTen uses the log to recover.

Required privilege

This procedure requires the ADMIN privilege.




ttCkpt has these optional parameters:

Parameter Type Description
timeout TT_INTEGER The time (in seconds) that ttCkpt should wait to get a data store lock before timing out. The value of timeout can be between 0 and one million, inclusively. If not specified, it defaults to infinity (the checkpoint never times out).
retries TT_INTEGER The number of times that ttCkpt should attempt to get a data store lock, if timeouts occur. The value of retries can be between 0 and 10, inclusive. If not specified, defaults to zero.

Result set

ttCkpt returns no results.


CALL ttCkpt();


For a description of checkpoints, see "Transaction Management and Recovery" in Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Operations Guide.

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