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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database Reference
Release 11.2.1

Part Number E13069-03
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Sets the default local host for the current data store. The value is only used in the current session, it is not a system-wide setting and does not persist after the current session has been disconnected.

To configure master/subscriber relationships and replication object permissions correctly, Replication DDL processing relies on being able to determine whether a host name used in a replication scheme refers to the machine on which the script is currently being run. This procedure allows an application to set a default host name for the current session that can be used by Replication DDL processing whenever there is a need to establish the name of the current host.

Required privilege

This procedure requires the ADMIN privilege.




ttHostNameSet has the parameter:

Parameter Type Description
hostName TT_VARCHAR (200) The required default name for the local machine. If NULL is supplied the default value is cleared.

Result set

ttHostNameSet returns no results.


CALL ttHostNameSet ('alias1');


The legal value of hostName can be any host name or IP address string except "localhost", "" or "::1". You cannot set the default host name to a value that is different from a local host name used in an existing replication scheme.

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