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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database Reference
Release 11.2.1

Part Number E13069-03
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Retrieves information about log holds, including those created on behalf of incremental backups, replication peers, persistent XLA subscribers, XA, long-running transactions and checkpoints. This procedure can help diagnose situations where it appears that checkpoint operations are not purging all unneeded transaction log files.

Required privilege

This procedure requires no privilege.




ttLogHolds has no parameters.

Result set

ttLogHolds returns the result set:

Column Type Description
HoldLFN TT_INTEGER NOT NULL Returns the transaction log file number of the hold.
HoldLFO TT_INTEGER NOT NULL Returns the transaction log file offset of the hold
type TT_CHAR (30) NOT NULL Returns the type of hold, one of:
  • Checkpoint

  • Replication

  • Backup

  • XLA

  • Long-Running Transaction

  • Long-Running XA Transaction

description TT_VARCHAR (1024) NOT NULL Describes the type-specific object for which the hold was created. Each description corresponds with the Type returned. Descriptions are one of:
  • The name of the checkpoint file

  • The name of the replication subscriber

  • The backup path

  • The name of the persistent XLA subscription and the process ID of the last process to open it, if it is open

  • The XA XID (transaction ID) of the XA transaction

  • The TimesTen transaction ID of the long-running transaction


CALL ttLogHolds();
< 0, 1148544, Long-Running XA Transaction , 0x1-476c6f62616c-5861637431 >
< 0, 1149752, Long-Running Transaction, 4.2 >
< 0, 1149992, Checkpoint , sample.ds1 >
< 0, 1150168, Checkpoint , sample.ds0 >