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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database Reference
Release 11.2.1

Part Number E13069-03
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Returns the status of one or more replication peer data stores.

Required privilege

This procedure requires no privilege.


ttReplicationStatus('receiver', 'hostname')


ttReplicationStatus has the optional parameters:

Parameter Type Description
receiver TT_VARCHAR(200) Subscriber of interest or NULL for all subscribers. If the parameter is provided, then it names a replication subscriber about which information is sought. If the parameter is not provided, then information on replication subscribers defined for the current data store is returned.
hostname TT_VARCHAR(200) The host name of one or more stores that are configured to receive updates from the executing store; if NULL, then receiving stores are identified by subscriber alone. If both receiver and hostname are NULL, then all receiving stores are selected.

Result set

ttReplicationStatus returns the result set:

Column Type Description
subscriber TT_VARCHAR(200) NOT NULL Subscriber name.
hostName TT_VARCHAR(200) NOT NULL Host name.
port TT_INTEGER NOT NULL Defined port number.
pState TT_CHAR(10) NOT NULL Peer state. The values of the result column are:

start - replication is enabled to this peer.

pause - replication is temporarily paused to this peer.

stop - replication updates are NOT being collected for this peer.

failed - replication to a subscriber is considered failed because the threshold limit (log data) has been exceeded. This state is set by the system.

logs TT_INTEGER NOT NULL Number of transaction log files held for this peer.
lastMsg TT_INTEGER Seconds since last interaction or NULL.
replicationName TT_CHAR(30) NOT NULL Name of replication scheme.
replicationOwner TT_CHAR(30) NOT NULL Owner of replication scheme.


CALL ttReplicationStatus('System8');


If the receiver parameter is not NULL, only the status of the given receiver is returned. If the receiver parameter is NULL, the status of all subscribers is returned.

This procedure is supported only for TimesTen Data Manager ODBC applications. It is not supported for TimesTen Client or JDBC applications.

See also

"ttRepDuplicateEx" in Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database C Developer's Guide