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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database Reference
Release 11.2.1

Part Number E13069-03
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Queries a subscriber data store in a replication scheme configured with a return service and a RETURN DISABLE failure policy to determine whether return service blocking for the subscriber has been disabled by the failure policy.

The ttRepSyncSubscriberStatus procedure returns the failure status of the subscriber data store with the specified name on the specified host. You can specify only the storeName. However, an error is generated if the replication scheme contains more than one subscriber with the same name on different hosts.

Required privilege

This procedure requires no privilege.


ttRepSyncSubscriberStatus('storeName', 'hostName')


ttRepSyncSubscriberStatus has these parameters:

Parameter Type Description
subscriber TT_VARCHAR (200) NOT NULL The name of the subscribing data store to be queried.
hostName TT_VARCHAR (200) The host name of one or more stores that are configured to receive updates from the executing store; if NULL, then receiving stores are identified by receiver alone. If both receiver and hostname are NULL, then all receiving stores are selected.

Result set

ttRepSyncSubscriberStatus returns:

Column Type Description
disabled TT_INTEGER Value is either:

'1', if the return service has been disabled on the subscriber data store.

'0' if the return service is still enabled on the subscriber data store.


If the replication scheme specifies DISABLE RETURN ALL, then you must use ttRepSyncSubscriberStatus to query the status of each individual subscriber in the replication scheme.