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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database Reference
Release 11.2.1

Part Number E13069-03
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Allows applications to specify that operations executed on the current connection should return a warning if they allocate memory and find that memory is low. If the value is set, a warning is returned for any operation that does an allocation and finds total memory in use to be above the connection's threshold value as specified by the PermWarnThreshold and TempWarnThreshold data store attributes. See "Data Store Attributes" for more information.

Required privilege

This procedure requires no privilege.


ttWarnOnLowMemory(permanent, temporary)


ttWarnOnLowMemory has these parameters:

Parameter Type Description
permanent TT_INTEGER NOT NULL 1(enable) or 0 (disable) warnings for the permanent data partition.
temporary TT_INTEGER NOT NULL 1 (enable) or 0 (disable) warnings for the temporary data partition.

Result set

ttWarnOnLowMemory returns no results.


CALL ttWarnOnLowMemory(1, 0);

Enables low memory warnings for the permanent data partition only.


By default, low memory warnings are not issued for either partition. Applications that want to receive these warnings must call this procedure. This procedure is connection specific, and so needs to be issued for each connection upon which warnings are desired. Also, the current setting does not persist to subsequent connections.