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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database Reference
Release 11.2.1

Part Number E13069-03
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Captures information about the state of TimesTen at the time the command is used. This information may be useful in diagnosing problems. It is often the case that TimesTen Customer Support needs to make repeated incremental requests for information to diagnose a customer's problem in the field.

The information captured by this utility may be requested by TimesTen Customer Support and may be sent with your support email.

The utility does not interpret errors. It only collects information about the state of things and sends output to the file in the directory from which you invoke the ttCapture utility. This utility collects general information that is usually relevant to support cases.


Directory and file names should always be double-quoted in case there are spaces in them.

Required privilege

This utility requires the instance administrator privilege.

If authentication information is not supplied in the connection string or DSN, this utility prompts for a user ID and password before continuing.


ttCapture {-h | -help | -?}
ttCapture {-V | -version}
ttCapture [-noinstinfo] [-nosysinfo] [-stdout | -dest dir] [-logdir dir] [dspath |DSN]


ttCapture has the options:

Option Description
-dest dir Writes the output file to the designated directory.
DSN Specifies an ODBC data source name of the data store to be checked.
dspath The fully qualified name of the data store to be evaluated. This is not the DSN associated with the connection but the fully qualified data store path name associated with the data store as specified in the DataStore= parameter of the data store's ODBC definition.

For example, for a data store consisting of files/home/payroll/1997.ds0, /home/payroll/1997.ds1, and several transaction log files /home/payroll/1997.logn, dspath is /home/payroll/1997.




Prints a usage message and exits.
-logdir dir Specifies the location of the log directory. Must be used with the -dsname option. If not specified, the log directory may not be available.
-noinstinfo Do not capture any installation information.
-nosysinfo Do not capture any system information.
-stdout On UNIX systems, writes all output to stdout, instead of writing the output to a file.
-V | -version Prints the release number of ttCapture and exits.


To capture data on the test_db data store and write the data store checkpoint files to the directory D:\my_data\recover\test_db, use:

ttCapture -dest "D:\my_data\recover\test_db" test_db


This utility is supported only where the TimesTen Data Manager is installed.