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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database Reference
Release 11.2.1

Part Number E13069-03
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Starts and stops the TimesTen main daemon and Server.

Required privilege

This utility requires the instance administrator privilege.


ttDaemonAdmin {-h | -help | -?}
ttDaemonAdmin {-V | -version}
ttDaemonAdmin [-force] {-start | -stop | -restart}
ttDaemonAdmin -startserver
ttDaemonAdmin [-force] -stopserver


ttDaemonAdmin has the options:

Option Description



Prints a usage message and exits.
-force Starts or stops the TimesTen main daemon, even when warnings are returned or with -stopserver immediately stops the server processes.
-restart Restarts the TimesTen main daemon.
-start Starts the TimesTen main daemon.
-startserver Starts the TimesTen Server daemon.
-stop Stops the TimesTen main daemon.
-stopserver Stops the TimesTen Server daemon.

Without the -force option, client/server connections to TimesTen data stores are gracefully disconnected after completing any request they may be processing, and then the server exits.

With the -force option, client/server connections to TimesTen data stores are forcefully and immediately terminated, and then the server exits.

-V | -version Prints the release number of ttDaemonAdmin and exits.


Changes to the TimesTen Server options are temporary. To permanently set or disable the TimesTen Server options, you must change the options in the ttendaemon.options file.

The -force option should be used with caution, as it may leave data stores in a state where you must perform recovery procedures.

When you use this utility on Windows Vista, you must be running with Windows Administrative privileges.When you stop the daemon (ttDaemonAdmin -stop), first stop all application connections to the database. This decreases startup time when the daemon is restarted.

When you use this utility to restart the server, the TimesTen daemon reads the ttendaemon.options files to see if it has been changed since it was last read. If the file has been changed, TimesTen checks for the values of the options:

-server -serverShmIpc -serverShmSize -noserverlog

See also

For a description of all daemon options and instructions for changing the ttendaemon.options file, see "Managing TimesTen daemon options" in Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Operations Guide.