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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database Reference
Release 11.2.1

Part Number E13069-03
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Creates a data store from a backup that has been created using the ttBackup utility. If the data store already exists, ttRestore does not overwrite it.

The data store attributes in the ttRestore connection string can contain any of the First Connection or General Connection attributes. It can also include the Data Store attribute LogDir. All other data store attributes are copied from the backup files. This allows the restored data store to be relocated.

The ttRestore action is somewhat more powerful than a first connect, as it can move the data store. It is somewhat less powerful than creating a new data store, as it cannot override the other Data Store attributes.

For an overview of the TimesTen backup and restore facility, see "Copying, migrating, backing up and restoring a data store" in the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Operations Guide.

Required privilege

This utility requires the instance administrator privilege.


ttRestore {-h | -help | -?}
ttRestore {-V | -version}
ttRestore [-fname filePrefix] [-noconn] -dir directory {DSN | -connStr connectionString}
ttRestore -i [-noconn] {DSN | -connStr connection_String}


ttRestore has the options:

Option Description
-connStr connection_string An ODBC connection string containing the name of the data store, the server name and DSN (if necessary) and any relevant connection attributes.
DSN Specifies an ODBC data source name of the data store to be administered.
-dir directory Specifies the directory where the backup files are stored.
-fname filePrefix Specifies the file prefix for the backup files in the backup directory. The backup files must have been stored in the backup directory with this prefix.

The default value for this parameter is the file name portion of the DataStore parameter of the data store's ODBC definition.




Prints a usage message and exits.
-i Read standard input for the backup data. You cannot use the -dir or -fname options with -i. ttRestore rolls the logs forward.
-noconn In order to ensure that the restore was successful, ttRestore connects to the data store as a last step. This option disables that last connect.
-V | -version Prints the release number of ttRestore and exits.


ttRestore -dir /users/pat/TimesTen/backups
-fname FastInsBkup "DSN=FastIns"

To back up a data store named origDSN to the directory /users/rob/tmp and restore it to data store named restoredDSN, use:

ttBackup -dir /users/rob/tmp -fname restored "dsn=origDSN"
ttRestore -dir /users/rob/tmp -fname restored "dsn=restoredDSN"

The value of fname is the name that you want for the prefix portion of the backup file name.

On Unix, to restore a tape backup to the FastIns data store, use:

dd bs=64k if=/dev/rmt0 | ttRestore -i DSN=FastIns


This utility is supported only where the TimesTen Data Manager is installed.

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