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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database Reference
Release 11.2.1

Part Number E13069-03
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Causes the caller to wait until all transactions that committed prior to the call have been transmitted to the subscriber subscriberStoreName and the subscriber has acknowledged that the updates have been durably committed at the subscriber data store.

If you set the waitTime parameter to -1 and the subscriberStoreName parameter to NULL, the ttRepSubscriberWait procedure does not return until all updates committed up until the time of the procedure call have been transmitted to all subscribers, and all subscribers have acknowledged that the updates have been durably committed.

The ttRepSubscriberWait function should not be used when an urgent response is required. Instead, you should use the return receipt service.


If this procedure is called after all write transaction activity is quiesced at a store (there are no active transactions and no transactions have started), it may take a 60 seconds or longer before the subscriber sends the acknowledgement that all updates have been durably committed at the subscriber.

Required privilege

This procedure requires no privilege.


ttRepSubscriberWait('replicationName', 'replicationOwner', 'subscriberStoreName', 'subscriberHostName', waitTime)


ttRepSubscriberWait has these parameters:

Parameter Type Description
replicationName TT_CHAR (30) The name of the replication scheme on which to operate. May be NULL to indicate all replication schemes.
replicationOwner TT_CHAR (30) The owner of the replication scheme. May be NULL to indicate all replication scheme owners.
subscriberStoreName TT_VARCHAR (200) The name of the subscribing data store whose state is to be set. May be NULL to indicate all stores on host subscriberHostName.
subscriberHostName TT_VARCHAR(200) The subscriber's host. May be NULL to indicate all hosts of subscribing peers.
waitTime TT_INTEGER NOT NULL Number of seconds to wait for the specified subscriber(s). A value of -1 indicates to wait forever. This parameter is required and may not be NULL.

Result Set

ttRepSubscriberWait returns the result set:

Column Type Description
timeOut BINARY(1) 0x00 - The wait succeeded within the allotted waitTime; the specified subscribers are up to date at the time this procedure was called. TimesTen returns 0x01 if not enough time has been granted.


If there is one defined replication scheme, to direct the transmitting data store to wait ten minutes for subscriber REP on SERVER2 to catch up, use:

CALL ttRepSubscriberWait( , , 'REP' , 'SERVER2', 600 );

See also

"ttRepDuplicateEx" in Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database C Developer's Guide