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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database SQL Reference
Release 11.2.1

Part Number E13070-03
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7 System and Replication Tables 

TimesTen stores metadata (information about the contents of your data store) in system tables in your data store.

Your applications can read the system tables, but it cannot update the system tables. If your application defines a table with the same name as a system table, then your application can read a system table by prefixing the system table name with SYS. For example, SELECT * FROM SYS.TABLES selects rows from the TABLES system table. Use the TTREP prefix when using the replication tables.

Information specific to system tables:

Tables and views reserved for internal or future use

Several system tables and views in TimesTen are reserved for internal or future use. These tables are not described in detail in this chapter:

PL/SQL system tables are reserved for internal use. Use the PL/SQL system views instead. PL/SQL system tables in TimesTen are:

If PL/SQL is enabled in your database, there are tables and views created for the operation of the package UTL_RECOMP:

These PL/SQL system views are reserved for internal use:

Required privileges to access system tables and views

By default PUBLIC has SELECT privileges on various system tables and views and EXECUTE privileges on various PL/SQL objects. You can see the list of objects by using this query:

SELECT * FROM sys.dba_tab_privs WHERE grantee='PUBLIC';

The ADMIN or SELECT ANY TABLE privilege is required to access other system tables and views unless otherwise noted in the description of the table or view.