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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database SQL Reference
Release 11.2.1

Part Number E13070-03
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The LEAST function returns the smallest of the list of one or more expressions.

SQL syntax

LEAST (Expression [,...])


LEAST has the parameter:

Parameter Description
Expression [,...] List of one or more expressions that is evaluated to determine the smallest expression value. Operand or column can be numeric, character, or date. Each expression in the list must be from the same data type family.


Use the LEAST function to return the string with the smallest value:

1 row found.

Use the LEAST function to return the numeric expression with the smallest value. In this example, NUMBER is the data type with the highest numeric precedence, so arguments are implicitly converted to NUMBER before the comparison and the data type NUMBER is returned. First describe the table leastex to see the data types defined for columns col1 and col2. Then SELECT * from leastex to see the data. Then invoke the LEAST function.

Command> DESCRIBE leastex;

    COL1                            NUMBER (2,1)
    COL2                            TT_BIGINT

1 table found.
(primary key columns are indicated with *)
Command> SELECT * FROM leastex;
< 1.1, 1 >
1 row found.
Command> SELECT LEAST (Col2,Col1) from leastex;
< 1 >
1 row found.

Use the DESCRIBE command to confirm the data type returned is NUMBER:

Command> DESCRIBE SELECT LEAST (Col2,Col1) from leastex;

Prepared Statement:
    EXP                             NUMBER

Use the LEAST function to return the DATE expression with the smallest value. DATE and TIMESTAMP are in the same date family.

Command> SELECT LEAST (DATE '2007-09-17', 
         TIMESTAMP '2007-09-17:10:00:00') FROM dual;
< 2007-09-17 00:00:00 >
1 row found.

Attempt to use the LEAST function to return the smallest value in the list of TT_DATE and TT_TIMESTAMP expressions. You see an error because TT_DATE and TT_TIMESTAMP are in different date subfamilies and cannot be used in the same list of expressions.

Command> SELECT LEAST (TT_DATE '2007-09-17',
          TT_TIMESTAMP '2007-09-17:01:00:00') FROM dual;
2817: Invalid data type TT_TIMESTAMP for argument 2 for function LEAST
The command failed.

Use the LEAST function to return the TIME expression with the smallest value.

Command>  SELECT LEAST (TIME '13:59:59', TIME '13:59:58',
          TIME '14:00:00') FROM dual;
< 13:59:58 >
1 row found.