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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database SQL Reference
Release 11.2.1

Part Number E13070-03
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The TO_CHAR function converts a DATE, TIMESTAMP or numeric input value to a VARCHAR2.

If you are using TimesTen type mode, for information on the TO_CHAR function, refer to documentation from previous releases of TimesTen.

SQL syntax

TO_CHAR ( Expression1[, Expression2 [, Expression3]])


TO_CHAR has the parameters:

Parameter 'Description
Expression1 A DATE, TIMESTAMP or numeric expression.
Expression2 The format string. If omitted, TimesTen uses the default date format (YYYY-MM-DD).
Expression3 A CHAR or VARCHAR2 expression to specify the NLS parameter which is currently ignored.



SELECT FIRST 5 first_name, 
               TO_CHAR (hire_date, 'MONTH DD, YYYY'),
               TO_CHAR (salary, '$999999.99')
  FROM employees;
< Steven, JUNE      17, 1987,   $24000.00 >
< Neena, SEPTEMBER 21, 1989,   $17000.00 >
< Lex, JANUARY   13, 1993,   $17000.00 >
< Alexander, JANUARY   03, 1990,    $9000.00 >
< Bruce, MAY       21, 1991,    $6000.00 >
5 rows found.

SELECT TO_CHAR(-0.12,'$B99.9999') FROM dual;
<   -$.1200 >
1 row found.

SELECT TO_CHAR(-12, 'B99999PR') FROM dual;
<     12  >
1 row found.

SELECT TO_CHAR(-12,'FM99999') FROM dual;
< -12 >
1 row found.

SELECT TO_CHAR(1234.1,'9,999.999') FROM dual;
<  1,234.100 >
1 row found.