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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database SQL Reference
Release 11.2.1

Part Number E13070-03
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Search condition general syntax

A search condition is a single predicate or several predicates connected by the logical operators AND or OR. A predicate is an operation on expressions that evaluates to TRUE, FALSE, or UNKNOWN. If a predicate evaluates to TRUE for a row, the row qualifies for further processing. If the predicate evaluates to FALSE or NULL for a row, the row is not available for operations.

SQL syntax

{BetweenPredicate | ComparisonPredicate | InPredicate |
     LikePredicate| NullPredicate | InfinitePredicate |      NanPredicate | QuantifiedPredicate |(SearchCondition)} 
[{AND | OR} [NOT] 
{BetweenPredicate | ComparisonPredicate |InPredicate |      LikePredicate|NullPredicate | QuantifiedPredicate      |(SearchCondition)}
] [...]


Component Description
NOT, AND, OR Logical operators with the following functions:
  • NOT negates the value of the predicate that follows it.

  • AND evaluates to TRUE if both the predicates it joins evaluate to TRUE.

  • OR evaluates to TRUE if either predicate it joins evaluates to TRUE, and to FALSE if both predicates evaluates to FALSE.

  • See "Description" for a description of how these operators work when predicates evaluate to NULL.

BetweenPredicate Determines whether an expression is within a certain range of values. For example: A BETWEEN B AND C is equivalent to A >= B AND A<= C.
ComparisonPredicate Compares two expressions or list of two expressions using one of the operators <, <=, >, >=, =, <>.
InPredicate Determines whether an expression or list of expressions matches an element within a specified set.
ExistsPredicate Determines whether a subquery returns any row.
LikePredicate Determines whether an expression contains a particular -character string pattern.
NullPredicate Determines whether a value is NULL.
InfinitePredicate Determines whether an expression is infinite (positive or negative infinity).
NanPredicate Determines whether an expression is the undefined result of an operation ("not a number.")
QuantifiedPredicate Determines whether an expression or list of expressions bears a particular relationship to a specified set.
(SearchCondition) One of the above predicates, enclosed in parentheses.


Figure 4-1 Values that result from logical operations

Description of Figure 4-1 follows
Description of "Figure 4-1 Values that result from logical operations"