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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database SQL Reference
Release 11.2.1

Part Number E13070-03
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The ALTER FUNCTION statement recompiles a standalone stored function. Explicit recompilation eliminates the need for implicit runtime recompilation and prevents associated runtime compilation errors and performance overhead.

To recompile a function that is part of a package, recompile the package using the ALTER PACKAGE statement.

Required privilege

No privilege is required for the PL/SQL function owner.

ALTER ANY PROCEDURE for another user's function.

SQL syntax

      [compiler_parameters_clause […]] 


The ALTER FUNCTION statement has the parameters:

Parameter Description
[Owner.]FunctionName Name of the function to be recompiled.
COMPILE Required keyword that causes recompilation of the function. If the function does not compile successfully, use the ttIsql command SHOW ERRORS to display the compiler error messages.
compiler_parameters_clause Use this optional clause to specify a value for one of the PL/SQL persistent compiler parameters. The PL/SQL persistent compiler parameters are PLSQL_OPTIMIZE_LEVEL, PLSCOPE_SETTINGS and NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS.

You can specify each parameter once in the statement.

If you omit a parameter from this clause and you specify REUSE SETTINGS, then if a value was specified for the parameter in an earlier compilation, TimesTen uses that earlier value. If you omit a parameter and either you do not specify REUSE SETTINGS or no value has been specified for the parameter in an earlier compilation, then TimesTen obtains the value for the parameter from the session environment.

REUSE SETTINGS Use this optional clause to prevent TimesTen from dropping and reacquiring compiler switch settings. When you specify REUSE SETTINGS, TimesTen preserves the existing settings and uses them for the compilation of any parameters for which values are not specified.


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