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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database SQL Reference
Release 11.2.1

Part Number E13070-03
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The REPLICATIONS table collects together general information about all replication schemes in which the local store participates. The table indicates whether a replication scheme was created by ttRepAdmin -upgrade or by a CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW statement.


Column name Type Description
REPLICATION_NAME TT_CHAR(31) NOT NULL Name for a replication scheme.
REPLICATION_OWNER TT_CHAR (31) NOT NULL The replication scheme's owner.
REPLICATION_ORIGIN TT_CHAR (1) NOT NULL 'U' - created by ttRepAdmin -upgrade

'C' - created by CREATE REPLICATION (or a ttRepAdmin command that was translated into CREATE REPLICATION).

REPLICATION_VERSION TT_INTEGER NOT NULL The number of ALTER REPLICATION commands applied to this replication scheme after its initial creation.
SOURCE_STORE_ID_ALIGN TT_INTEGER NOT NULL Used internally to properly align the SOURCE_STORE_ID column.
SOURCE_STORE_ID TT_BIGINT NOT NULL If this replication scheme was created by restoring it from a backup, the store ID of the store from which this replication scheme was backed up and restored. otherwise -1 (the invalid store ID).
CHECKSUM TT_BIGINT Indicates that the replication scheme has been updated.