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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database SQL Reference
Release 11.2.1

Part Number E13070-03
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The REPTABLES table contains subscriber-relative information about each of the columns in each table transmitted to a subscriber. This information appears in REPTABLES in the owner (transmitter) store but not in REPTABLES in the subscriber store.


Column name Type Description
REPLICATION_NAME TT_CHAR (31) NOT NULL Name for a replication scheme.
REPLICATION_OWNER TT_CHAR (31) NOT NULL The replication scheme's owner.
ELEMENT_NAME TT_CHAR (31) NOT NULL The replication name for this element, logically different from the REF_NAME of the underlying data base object. For example, the ELEMENT_NAME for a replicated table may differ from the table name. This name must be unique in a replication scheme.
SUBSCRIBER_ID TT_BIGINT NOT NULL The TT_STORE_ID for a subscriber to this element. A subscriber may not subscribe more than once to a replication element in a replication scheme.
COLNUM TT_SMALLINT NOT NULL Ordinal number of column in table (starting at 1).
COLOPTIONS BINARY (1) NOT NULL Column specification flags:

0x01 - column is in a primary key.

0x02 - column value is varying-length (VARCHAR[2],


0x04 - column value can be NULL.

0x08 - column values are unique.


 1     TT_CHAR








9     TT_DATE

10     TIME



13     DATE


15     NUMBER

16     CHAR

17     VARCHAR2

18     NCHAR

19     NVARCHAR2


- 2     binary



- 5     TT_BIGINT

- 6     TT_TINYINT

- 7     BIT

- 8     WCHAR

- 9     WVARCHAR


Note: If you are using TimesTen type mode, for information on COLTYPE, refer to documentation from previous releases of TimesTen. For information on TimesTen type mode, see "TimesTen type mode (backward compatibility)".

COLLEN TT_INTEGER NOT NULL Length of the column

(maximum length for varying-length


COLPRECISION TT_INTEGER NOT NULL The number of digits in a fixed-point number, or the number of digits in the mantissa of a floating point number
COLSCALE TT_INTEGER NOT NULL A non-negative number. A scale of 0 indicates an integer with no digits to the right of a decimal point. For a scale of S, the exact numeric value is the integer value of the significant digits multiplied by:

10 (exp -S).

PTNNUM TT_SMALLINT NOT NULL The table partition that contains the column.
PTNCOLOFF TT_INTEGER NOT NULL The offset of the column within the partition.
PTNNULLOFF TT_INTEGER NOT NULL The offset to the null byte within the partition.
REPKEYPOSITION TT_SMALLINT NOT NULL The ordinal position of this column in the replication key described by the REPKEYCOLS.
TS_EXCEPTION_ACTION TT_CHAR (1) NOT NULL The action to take upon detecting a conflict by a timestamp-based detector. The action is specified by the ON EXCEPTION clause in the CheckConflicts portion of a CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW statement. They appear in this column as:

\0' - action not defined


'R' - ROLLBACK WORK (default)

COLNAME TT_CHAR (31) Column name