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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database SQL Reference
Release 11.2.1

Part Number E13070-03
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The TTSTORES table maps a store's pair to a unique TT_STORE_ID. The TT_STORE_ID is a foreign key for all other replication schema tables that refer to a store in a replication scheme.


Column name Type Description
TT_STORE_ID TT_BIGINT NOT NULL Unique, system-generated identifier for a HOST_NAME/TT_STORE_NAME pair.
HOST_NAME TT_VARCHAR (200) NOT NULL NOT INLINE Name of the participating host node.
TT_STORE_NAME TT_VARCHAR (200) NOT NULL NOT INLINE The name for this data store.
IS_LOCAL_STORE BINARY (1) NOT NULL 1 if this TT_STORE_ID -represents the local data store. 0 -otherwise.
MAJOR_RELEASE TT_INTEGER NOT NULL The major release part of this data store's TimesTen release number. 0 indicates the current release.
MINOR_RELEASE TT_INTEGER NOT NULL The minor release part of this store's TimesTen release number.
REP_SCHEMA_VERSION TT_INTEGER NOT NULL The version of the replication schema in this data store.
REP_PORT_NUMBER TT_INTEGER NOT NULL The port number that replication uses to communicate with this data store. 0 if automatically assigned.
RRPOLICY TT_CHAR (1) Subscribers affected by return service failure policy. Legal values are:

'S' - Single subscriber

'A' - All subscribers

'N' No policy

RRTRIGGER TT_INTEGER Number of timeouts before the return service failure policy is triggered
RRRESUME_LATENCY TT_INTEGER Resume latency in milliseconds.
RRDURABLE BINARY (1) Durable commits on RETURN RECEIPT failure. Legal values are:

1 - True

0 - False

RET_LOCAL_ACTION TT_CHAR (1) Default commit behavior for RETURN TWOSAFE transactions:



RET_WAIT_TIME TT_INTEGER The defaulted timeout value for RETURN TWOSAFE transactions.
RET_WHEN_STOPPED BINARY (1) If either the replication agent for the data store is stopped or if the data store is used as master and the replication agent for the data store is set to STOP, then if the value of the column is a non-zero value, return services for the data store are suspended.
COMPRESSION TT_CHAR (1) If Y, indicates compression of all data from the data store.
MASTER TT_CHAR (1) Active or standby data store or subscriber data store. Values are:

'Y' - active or standby store

'N' - subscriber store

NULL - all other cases.

ROLE TT_CHAR (1) Role is one of:

'A' - active

'S' - standby

NULL - all other cases.

TS TT_BIGINT The timestamp at which the specified role change was made.


TT_INTEGER The threshold at which conflict reporting is stopped.


TT_INTEGER The rate at which conflict reporting is resumed.


TT_INTEGER Reserved for future use.
TABLECHECK TT_CHAR (1) One of the following values:

E (exact) - The table structures on the master and subscriber data stores must be identical for replication to occur.

R (relaxed) - Replication can occur between master and subscriber if a relaxed table check has been passed. This means that the number of columns and column data types match for the tables in the master and subscriber data stores.

NULL (default) - all other cases