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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database SQL Reference
Release 11.2.1

Part Number E13070-03
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What's New in SQL

This section lists new features for Release 11.2.1 that are documented in this reference and provides cross-references to additional information.

Access Control

PL/SQL support

The ALTER SESSION statement has been enhanced.

These statements are new:

These system tables and system views are new:

These SQL functions are new:

Oracle In-Memory Database Cache (IMDB Cache)

These IMDB Cache features are new:

Asynchronous materialized views

Materialized views can be refreshed asynchronously. The CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW statement has been enhanced. These statements are new:


The DELETE, INSERT and UPDATE statements have been enhanced with the RETURNING...INTO clause.

ROWID data type

The ROWID data type has been implemented. See "ROWID data type".

Duplicate parameter names

TimesTen offers Oracle-style behavior for duplicated parameter names. See "Duplicate parameter names".

Bitmap indexes

You can create bitmap indexes. See "CREATE INDEX".

Set operators in subqueries

Set operators are allowed in subqueries. See "Subqueries".

Enhanced ":" parameter markers

":" parameter markers have been enhanced. See "Dynamic parameters".

Multiline C-style comments

You can use multiline C-style comments in SQL statements. See "Comments within SQL statements".

View and sequence names

A view and a sequence cannot have the same name. See "CREATE VIEW" and "CREATE SEQUENCE".